When it comes to the cleanliness of an office environment, many people will just leave it up to the company they hire to come in and clean and they rarely ever stop and really consider what would be best. When it comes to a common workplace janitorial debate, we are seeing both sides to the different cleaning methods, and we are trying to find out which is best.
This is the fight between the auto scrubber and the mop bucket.

When you hire a cleaning company to come in and clean the office, depending on the square footage they have to cover, it could take hours to make sure every inch of the space is clean and ready to go. With that being said, sometimes it means having to find better and more efficient and faster ways of doing things, and this is where the fight starts.

The Auto Scrubber

What is Best- An Auto Scrubber or a Mop Bucket?An auto scrubber is a machine commonly used in office spaces because when it is used, there are many advantages including:

• The floors dry relatively quickly which can drastically cut down on the risk of slip and falls within the workplace
• It provides powerful and even floor scrubbing for optimal cleanliness
• Increases cleaning productivity and shortens cleaning duration
• The water remains clean, and there is no risk of cross contamination

The Classic Mop and Bucket

Then we come to an old classic- the mop and bucket. These two tools are a timeless pair and have proven time and time again to be versatile. They can reach small and harder to reach areas that a floor scrubber couldn’t reach such as under desks, behind the toilets, and can even clean the walls.

Additionally, you can find the following advantages as well:

• You do not need an electrical outlet or any other power source. All you need is a little muscle power
• A mop and bucket take up minimal space when stored and can be whipped out quickly in an emergency
• They are very affordable

What’s the Verdict?

If you have a lot of space to cover and little time to do so, then an auto scrubber is a great tool to have at your disposal. However, it is also a good idea to have access to a mop and bucket for those quick cleanups in between the times the cleaning company comes in for a deeper cleaning. Therefore, in our book, both are must-have essentials for any office environment.