Several places in an office environment could be harboring germs and bacteria, and when they go unnoticed and unmanaged, they can quickly spread and cause sickness and health issues which can ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. So, where do these pesky germs like to hide out in the office? And what can we do to evict them?

The Microwave

Top Hiding Spots for Germs in the OfficeMost offices have a lounge or breakroom that employees can utilize in their free time when they take their lunch breaks or coffee breaks. But how often is this shared location actually getting clean? And if it is getting cleaned, is it getting the proper cleaning time it needs to kill bacteria and germs effectively?

The microwave handle is often overlooked. This one small appliance may have several different hands touching it multiple times per day, and you can’t honestly sit there and say you clean the handle every single time you go to use the microwave.

Always clean your hands after you use the microwave and before you dig into your food. It has been found that more than 48% of microwave door handles contained high amounts of germs. The same applies to any other surface in the breakroom such as the sink faucet, the coffeemaker, and the refrigerator handles.

Desk Keyboards

Another often overlooked germ catcher in the office are our office keyboards. They are used for hours on end, day in and day out. How often do you get in there and really clean and disinfect your keyboard? Keyboards need to be cleaned regularly, and this is especially true if they are shared among coworkers. Contamination can be found on almost every keyboard when it is not routinely cleaned.

Water Cooler

If your office has a water cooler, then you already know how convenient it is to have unlimited access to cool and clean drinking water during working hours. But next time you get up from your desk to grab a quick cup of water, you should consider washing your hands thoroughly. People often overlook cleaning the water cooler and the small buttons, so germs find this a great place to thrive and spread bacteria.

Now that you can see just how unsanitary different areas in the office can be, what are you going to do about it? Our advice? Wash your hands often, carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer, clean your desk on a weekly basis, and make sure all surfaces in the office are getting properly cleaned and maintained.

If you find that there are just not enough hours in the workday to accomplish all you have to do plus pay careful attention to cleaning matters, you can always hire a commercial cleaning company to come in and do the dirty work for you!