To garner and boost productivity to create a successful office environment, there are several things you can do as an office manager to accomplish this goal. The following are just a few simple and very effective ways you can help increase and improve productivity while at work:

Who Made the Coffee?

Sitting at a desk all day can seem daunting and arduous and sometimes a pick me up is needed to wake up the senses and motivate people to do what they need to do. Having fresh coffee available in the office for the employees is a great way to lift their mood, give them a much-needed burst of energy, and allow them to take a break and unwind.

Two Minute RuleRunning a Productive Office Environment

This widely practiced rule is simple. If you are faced with a long list of things to do at work, go down the list and identify the tasks you know you can complete in two minutes or less. If you can do these smaller tasks immediately, you will find that your considerable list is much smaller and while it may not have been much; the work will look more manageable and get you motivated to cross more off.

Escape the Image of Perfection

When you try to always be perfect, there is certain pressure that is being placed on your shoulders that can actually hinder you from being as productive as you can be while at work. Instead of aiming for perfection, you should instead complete what you have to do to the best of your ability and then move on to the next task. Use this time to improve and learn new ways to become more efficient.

Be More Proactive

Also, do not let meetings, phone calls, or emails dictate how your entire day is going to go. If you center on these tasks, then you may find that they are all you are able to get done throughout the day because you are constantly fixated on them.

Instead, take a few minutes at the start of each day and plan out how your day should go. Prioritize each task you have and then tackle the to-do list with energy and confidence and you will find that you will have a much more productive day.

Take the time to drink that cup of coffee, combat a lengthy list with a simplified list, let go of perfection, and focus on being proactive, and you will find that you can begin to run a much more productive office environment.