Cleanliness etiquette is a concept that can be easily lost on some people, but it is an important concept that every employee in a workplace environment should adopt to help ensure a clean and functional environment for a more positive workday experience.

Do You Often Eat at Your Desk?

Improving Workplace Etiquette Regarding Cleanliness

Have you found yourself sitting at your desk, frantically trying to finish up your work, so it is done properly and on time, but you also find that you will need to have a “working lunch” in order to do so? Then you may make the decision to eat at your desk to eliminate losing any valuable time.

But, when you eat at your desk, what you do with the garbage and discarded food products? Do you throw them into your waste bin at the desk or dispose of them elsewhere? The office trash can is not meant for this kind of garbage.

Proper etiquette says if you are going to eat at your desk, then you need to dispose of the trash in a designated trash can that is appropriate for this kind of waste- such as the breakroom trashcan.

Clean and Declutter Your Workspace

Most offices have a cleaning company that comes in at the end of the day to clean up the office. Proper etiquette teaches us that we should clean off our workspaces and declutter as much as possible, so the cleaning company can wipe down the desk and other areas without running into a bunch of obstacles along the way.

Working While Sick

Several of us have probably gone into the office even though we weren’t feeling at our best. So, while we think we are looking like the model employee that can suck it up and still do the work, we are actually putting others in the office at risk for the same sickness.

The office should be a clean, healthy, and safe environment for everyone. If you are feeling sick, then proper precautions should be taken to help keep everyone else healthy. Wearing a mask to cover your face, for example, is good to do if you can’t miss work and have to be there instead of staying home. You will keep the germs to yourself.

Following workplace etiquette regarding cleanliness can definitely help ensure that the workplace environment is a clean and positive environment for everyone. When everyone feels at their best, you will also see a boost in morale and productivity.