A lot of companies fear flu season. The powers that be know that at one point or another during the period, employees are going to miss work. The number of people that get the bug varies from cycle to cycle. However, research from Harvard Health shows that more than 200,000 recipients get hospitalized for the illness in the United States each year. It also states that 36,000 people die annually from the ailment. Flu symptoms include but are not limited to…

• Fever And Chills
• Body Or Muscle Aches
• Cough And Sore Throat
• Runny/Stuffy Nose
• Extreme Fatigue

Because loss of life is a possibility though, employees and employers must avoid looking at the flu as just a bad cold. It is a good idea for all workers to get a flu shot to combat the sickness. Company owners should think about introducing a program that offers the remedy for free. After all, not every worker can afford health insurance nor do they have the means to get the treatment. The action can prove to be beneficial in the long run as the agents won’t miss work from the ailment and cause productivity to dwindle.

Office Cleaning Services Can Help Too

Germs Can Run Amuck In A Dirty OfficeAside from flu outbreaks, other germs always seem to be lurking about and traveling through the ranks. The pathogens can leave employees with common colds, stomach bugs, strep throat, and more. They can be passed along via an infected person sneezing, talking on a telephone, or even touching a doorknob. While there is no sure-fire way to stop all of the ailments in their tracks, office cleaning services can prove to be an excellent first line of defense.

Allowing old food to accumulate in trash cans is a big no-no as it gives bacteria a place to grow and thrive. Letting dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen area is asking for trouble as well. Messy sinks and toilets in the restrooms are problematic places too. Getting an employee to take care of the janitorial duties takes them away from their other obligations.

Plus, the individual may not sanitize the areas appropriately, which means germs can still be running amuck afterward. Don’t leave anything to chance with the health and well-being of everyone at stake. Instead, utilize our professional office cleaning services to ensure that things are done right. With any luck, the action will assure that you and your employees stay healthy by keeping the illness sources at bay.