Office managers are tasked with many responsibilities, and they typically fall across the board of several different areas including administrative duties, financial duties, and managerial duties.

With so many duties to perform, an office manager also has to display several characteristics that will show the motivation and leadership they need to be successful.

Here are just a few things you can expect over a day in the life of an office manager:

Administrative Tasks

Office managers are typically in charge of filing, planning, and implementing different office systems within the workplace. They are also tasked with the job of finding areas in which they can improve productivity and better manage work schedules and performance.

Financial TasksA Day in the Life of an Office Manager

Sometimes an office manager will also have to pay attention to expenses and monitor, track, and record these expenses. Often, they will also be presented with a budget that they must adhere to.

Managerial Tasks

Depending on the size of the workplace, they will also have to oversee employees, evaluate performance, assign tasks, improve procedures and protocol, train, and develop. They are also in charge of ensuring that the workplace retains smooth operations which also includes overseeing the janitorial team.

Characteristics of a Strong Office Manager

To be a good office manager, you should possess several of these characteristics:

 Work with discretion
 Adapt to your surroundings
 Be able to communicate
 Pay close attention to detail
 Adhere to a schedule
 Effectively manage time
 Develop good problem-solving skills

Throughout the day, office managers are faced with obstacles and challenges that they must overcome; even when it veers off their scheduled task list. A good office manager will be able to adapt and still show signs of continued growth, leadership, and the desire to motivate employees, and help grow a successful business.