When it comes to maintaining a clean and orderly office and workplace, some tasks may easily be overlooked because of the day to day hustle and bustle and all the other tasks that may have been prioritized.

Yes, cleaning and organizing is most often seen as a chore and is pushed to the side, but it is important that even the smallest tasks are done to ensure efficiency and even safety within the workplace.

Up High

Many times, when we are cleaning, it is easy to overlook the higher places in the office that may be out of our line of vision. Perhaps the top of shelves or desks, doorframes, or even dust collecting on light fixtures.

However, when these things are overlooked, and the dust begins to cake up, it can potentially affect other aspects of the environment. Too much dust in the air will negatively affect the air quality of the office and dust collecting on light fixtures can seriously diminish the adequate lighting you would otherwise have to work with.

Down Low

In the same respect, we may also miss areas in the workplace that are down low or require us to get down or bend. Underneath appliances in common areas like the break room or other areas of the floor may be overlooked and when this happens, it may cause a safety hazard.

For example, a dirty or slippery floor can cause a slip and fall accident.

Inadequate Cleaning Supplies

The janitorial closet may also be a frequently passed up and overlooked area in the office. It is important to make sure that you have access to cleaning essentials just in case a situation should arise.

You should also make sure that the cleaning supplies are clean and organized.

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the WorkplaceElectronics

Many office environments utilize a number of different electronic equipment. From phones and copiers to computers, tablets, and printers and so much more. How often do you think these items are wiped down and cleaned?

When this is overlooked, germs can spread through an enclosed space like wildfire. The same goes for doorknobs and light switches. While they may not seem important, it is essential that these get wiped down and sanitized to help prevent the spread of illness throughout the workplace.

If you find that you just don’t have the time to adequately clean and maintain the office, then it may be time to look into possibly outsourcing this task so that you can focus more on your day to day tasks and less on cleaning.