What Does it Mean to be a Workplace Innovator?

What Does it Mean to be a Workplace Innovator?

Many businesses from larger corporations to smaller startups all understand the importance of innovation in the workplace. Innovation breeds a creative and collaborative environment which can lead to the continued growth and success of a business.

To be a workplace innovator, you need to find the right talent, the right formula, and the right setting to continuously foster creativity and communication and keep the company moving toward a successful future.

Be Relaxed and Flexible

Being a workplace innovator means you need to be relaxed and flexible in the work environment and by doing so you can effectively boost the productivity levels of your team. You want your employees to come into work happy and ready for the day, and an encouraging environment can go a long way in doing this.

Hiring With the Company Vision in Mind

When you set out to hire new talent, it is important that you employ people who share the vision of the company. People that understand the importance of working together to reach their goals. However, you should also make sure you have a good mix of perspectives and opinions as well, and this can certainly help the workplace innovation spread.

Be Passionate

In order to do a good job and really want to see the company do well, you have to have a passion for what it is you are doing. If you are excited to go to work every day, then you are more apt to give it your all and do what you need to do to benefit the company. If you are passionate and driven, you are much easier to work with, and you can all work toward the same goals together.

Encourage Diversity

What Does it Mean to be a Workplace Innovator?Finally, a workplace innovator is continuously encouraging diversity within the workplace by putting together teams that all have different backgrounds, different passions, and different talents so they can all come together and approach problem-solving in incredibly new and creative ways. Out of the box ideas come forth easier when there is a diverse mix of people and talent ready to showcase their individuality.

Top Hiding Spots for Germs in the Office

Top Hiding Spots for Germs in the Office

Several places in an office environment could be harboring germs and bacteria, and when they go unnoticed and unmanaged, they can quickly spread and cause sickness and health issues which can ultimately affect the company’s bottom line. So, where do these pesky germs like to hide out in the office? And what can we do to evict them?

The Microwave

Top Hiding Spots for Germs in the OfficeMost offices have a lounge or breakroom that employees can utilize in their free time when they take their lunch breaks or coffee breaks. But how often is this shared location actually getting clean? And if it is getting cleaned, is it getting the proper cleaning time it needs to kill bacteria and germs effectively?

The microwave handle is often overlooked. This one small appliance may have several different hands touching it multiple times per day, and you can’t honestly sit there and say you clean the handle every single time you go to use the microwave.

Always clean your hands after you use the microwave and before you dig into your food. It has been found that more than 48% of microwave door handles contained high amounts of germs. The same applies to any other surface in the breakroom such as the sink faucet, the coffeemaker, and the refrigerator handles.

Desk Keyboards

Another often overlooked germ catcher in the office are our office keyboards. They are used for hours on end, day in and day out. How often do you get in there and really clean and disinfect your keyboard? Keyboards need to be cleaned regularly, and this is especially true if they are shared among coworkers. Contamination can be found on almost every keyboard when it is not routinely cleaned.

Water Cooler

If your office has a water cooler, then you already know how convenient it is to have unlimited access to cool and clean drinking water during working hours. But next time you get up from your desk to grab a quick cup of water, you should consider washing your hands thoroughly. People often overlook cleaning the water cooler and the small buttons, so germs find this a great place to thrive and spread bacteria.

Now that you can see just how unsanitary different areas in the office can be, what are you going to do about it? Our advice? Wash your hands often, carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer, clean your desk on a weekly basis, and make sure all surfaces in the office are getting properly cleaned and maintained.

If you find that there are just not enough hours in the workday to accomplish all you have to do plus pay careful attention to cleaning matters, you can always hire a commercial cleaning company to come in and do the dirty work for you!

Tips to Help Coworkers Happily Coexist

Tips to Help Coworkers Happily Coexist

Most often we find that the majority of our time may be spent at work and since we spend so much time at work, we also have to deal with finding ways to get along with the people there that we have to see on a regular basis. Having a good relationship with your coworkers is just one way to help your day go a bit smoother and not make your job as stressful.

The following are a few tips you can learn to help coworkers happily coexist:

Always Show Respect

We have all heard it at one point in our lives, to receive respect, you have to show respect; this is true of the workplace environment. Try to refrain from doing things that may offend your coworkers and make sure you are cleaning up after yourself. Show your coworkers respect, and you will be able to coexist.

Stay Away From Controversial Topics

Since you are always with your colleagues, you may find that your comfort level with them has improved since your first day. However, that doesn’t mean it is okay to bring up any controversial topics or conversation that probably shouldn’t be discussed while at work. Politics and religion, for example, are two topics you should definitely try to sidestep while at work.

Start Great Relationships

 Tips to Help Coworkers Happily CoexistAll great relationships need to start off on a good foot. Don’t be afraid of your colleagues. If you don’t think you will get along with them, then you probably won’t because you keep telling yourself something negative. Go in with a positive attitude on your first day and begin to foster good relationships within the workplace. All it takes is a nice smile and a quick hello.

Stay Clear of Gossip

We have all been tempted to gossip at some point, and the workplace is no exception. However, if you want to happily coexist with your coworkers, you will want to stay as far away from the drama as possible. Refrain from gossiping and keep conversations civil. Filter out anything that may be false or misleading.

Proper Etiquette

Finally, follow proper etiquette while at work. Good manners can definitely go a long way. Try not to distract others while they are working, always be polite, say please and thank you when applicable, and follow proper table manners during your lunch break.

Being kind to your coworkers and showing them respect are both good first stepping stones when you are trying to find positive ways to happily coexist with your coworkers.

Practicing Good Hygiene Habits in the Workplace

Practicing Good Hygiene Habits in the Workplace

Hygiene has a lot to do with a person’s overall way and quality of life. While it doesn’t seem that monumental, having good hygiene practices in place is important not only for your own health and safety but also for those around you.

Workplace cleanliness and personal hygiene go hand in hand and are often an included part of a company’s policies and guidelines. From the dress code to the attire, you will find several areas that can be considered in the hygienic category.
The employees are there representing the company and image is a big part of that. So, alongside the safety and health of everyone in the office, you must also take into consideration the first impression you are giving to people when they walk through the doors of your office.

The following are a few reasons why workplace hygiene is important:

Happy Employees

Practicing Good Hygiene Habits in the WorkplaceThe environment in the workplace can have a significant impact on the overall mood and morale of the employees. If the employees are not satisfied at work and in their environment, then their work will suffer. Keeping the workplace clean creates a comfortable environment that will make the employees happy.

Cleaning the windows regularly to let in some natural light, emptying the trash cans on a daily basis, cleaning the bathrooms regularly, using air fresheners, and the occasional deep clean of shared spaces in the workplace are all ways you can keep the area clean, sanitary, and healthy.

Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Germs

Good hygiene habits in the workplace also mean less chance that germs and bacteria will spread through the environment like wildfire. Kitchens and washrooms are the two areas in the facility that are shared by everyone, so it is important that they are regularly cleaned and maintained to help prevent sickness and the spread of disease.

Healthier Employees

When employees fall ill, that is money that the company can be losing because the employee will have to be absent from work. Sick days will become more and more if hygiene is not practiced. It is important to make sure that every washroom is equipped with the proper supplies for hand washing and the facilities should be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis.

Keeping the washroom supplied with soap, antibacterial moisturizes, hand sanitizers, and dryers will facilitate good hand hygiene. Additionally, a deep clean of these shared facilities every once in a while, can help make sure that germs are not living in the overlooked areas waiting to spread and get people sick.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to come in and provide you with a much needed deep clean of these shared areas is the first step toward practicing good hygiene in the workplace.

Juggling the Day to Day Office Operations

Juggling the Day to Day Office Operations

As with anything in life, your career included, organization is very important. Staying organized can ultimately save you time and will create a worry-free and almost stress-free environment which will ultimately boost your morale and confidence and lead to success and growth in everything you do.

What is Your Vision?

When you need to find effective ways to juggle the day to day operations you are responsible for in the office, you will find that you need direction and structure in order to get things accomplished. Strategy and execution are at the forefront of your day and to maintain a strong business; you have to keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goals.

Efficiently plan and schedule your day, manage all of your projects, and maximize all the resources you have available to you to help you remain focused and productive.

Simplify the Processes

Juggling the Day to Day Office OperationsNot everything you do day to day needs to be complicated or drawn out. Take a closer look at your current business practices and see if there is any room for improvement. You should also sit down right away at the beginning of your day, write down the tasks that need to be completed in that day, and prioritize them and then delegate them to the strongest and most qualified people you have available.

Accountability and Improvement

As you walk through these changes to help make the juggling of all your day to day tasks easier to manage, you need to have a good amount of accountability as well to keep things running smoothly and efficiently in the office.

Analyze your team, see if everyone is performing as they should be, make sure all tasks are being done on time and accurately, and if you find any problems, you need to discuss it with the people involved and sit down with them to find ways that the problems can be solved, and the situation improved.

Be a Leader

Ultimately, as an office manager, you are responsible for leading the people that work with you in the right direction to not only help yourself and help get the daily tasks done, you are all also an integral component of the company’s success and growth.

Take advantage of all the resources and employees available to you, find new ways to go about getting things done, and keep the lines of communication open with your team to help you juggle the day to day office operations successfully.

How to Be A Productive Office Manager

How to Be A Productive Office Manager

How to Be A Productive Office Manager? Office managers are the heart and soul of a company, and they are what keeps the growth of the company headed in the right direction while overseeing all the critical day-to-day operations and so much more. So, it is only fair to assume that they will want to find as many ways possible that they can become more productive and more efficient at what they do.

The following are just a few tips and tricks you can take as an office manager to become even more efficient and productive throughout the day:

You Don’t Have to do it by Yourself:

Just because you are the office manager, it doesn’t mean you have to feel as if you have to take on everyone’s job as well as your own. Delegation is a critical skill to master as an office manager. Outsourcing certain jobs is also another way you can free up your time, so you can focus more on what you really need to get done.

You can even outsource tasks such as cleaning and maintenance to an outside vendor, so you can be assured that the office will be clean and organized and you don’t have to add it to your already extensive to-do list.

Plan and Prepare:

How to be an Even More Productive Office ManagerWhen you make a plan and prepare for the plan, you will find that the organization is key to not wasting a single moment of your day. Office managers are constantly interrupted, and when you make a plan, you can also account for a little extra time to cover those interruptions and disruptions you may experience throughout the day.

Prioritize your tasks for the day and then do what you can. Don’t feel as if you have to answer every email and every phone call immediately. Do what you prioritized first, and then go back and cross off the smaller items.

The Bottom Line:

As an office manager, you may be too busy to realize that you are too busy. Meaning, you might not be able to see how your workload may be affecting your overall productivity levels. Take some of the tips mentioned above and give them a try and see if by freeing up some time, delegating and outsourcing tasks, and prioritizing tasks will help you get more of the important things done while still keeping communication open with the other employees that may need you.

The Value of Window Cleaning Services for the Office

The Value of Window Cleaning Services for the Office

Window cleaning service is one janitorial aspect of office life that can be easily overlooked among the hustle and bustle of other daily tasks and smaller cleaning jobs. However, it is one of the most important places to remember to clean regularly because the windows of the office are just one of the many visible features of the building.

Enhance Curb Appeal:

One of the biggest advantages of window cleaning would be the increased curb appeal you offer the office space. People will walk up to the building and see a business that takes pride in what they have which will also translate to a more professional level with their reputation and performance.

It will go a long way to improve your brand image and leave a positive and lasting impression on clients or potential clients visiting the office.

Increase Productivity:

Another advantage of regular window cleaning services would be the increase in productivity levels you see. The clean windows will let more natural light into the space, and the clean and fresh appearance and brightness will have your employees performing at optimal levels.

Lengthen the Life of the Windows:

As with regular maintenance on nearly anything in the office from the carpet to equipment, regular maintenance and cleaning of the windows can go a long way in improving their durability and lengthening their longevity.

Cleaning them often gives them no time to accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris, which when left unnoticed can result in earlier deterioration of the window and insulation.

Positive Atmosphere:

The Value of Window Cleaning Services for the OfficeJust like when productivity is improved, you will also see a boost in energy and morale in the workplace due to the presence of natural light and the unobstructed view that clean windows can offer office space.

Gone are the days of dingy and muddied windows that do nothing but cloud the office vibe. Clean windows provide the office with a more positive atmosphere that is conducive to a more productive, energetic, and healthy workplace.

Hiring a Cleaning Service:

Many businesses find that there just is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything they need to do. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and take care of the window cleaning for you can save you both time and money in the long run and you can begin experiencing all the advantages that cleaner windows have to offer.

The Benefits of Having Sit-Stand Workstations

The Benefits of Having Sit-Stand Workstations

There are lots of Benefits of Having Sit-Stand Workstations. The office environment is seeing many new trends when it comes to workplace design and functionality, and among these trends, we see growing popularity for sit-stand workplaces.

When an employee has the option of movement and variety, they are essentially avoiding any adverse health effects that they may otherwise experience with the traditional desk. Regular movement encourages productivity and makes for a much healthier and happier work environment.

What is a Sit-Stand Workstation?

This type of workstation strays from the traditional desks that are often used. This type of desk allows you to stand while still being able to work comfortably at the space and computer. They are also adjustable so that you can find the perfect height as well as alternate between standing and sitting.

The following are a few benefits you can find with a sit-stand workstation:

Lower your risk of weight gain:

you can burn more calories when you are free to stand and move around while at your desk. It has been shown that you can actually burn up to a thousand calories more when you stand at your desk, rather than sit.

The Benefits of Having Sit-Stand WorkstationsReduce back pain:

if you sit all day at a desk, then you have probably complained about back pain at least once. Standing at the desk can help reduce lower back pain significantly and can even improve an already sore back

Improve mood and energy levels:

when you are able to stand at your desk, your energy levels will improve which will ultimately improve your mood because you do not feel confined to the space. You are free to move instead of remaining sedentary.

Boost productivity:

some may say that a sit-stand desk can hinder certain workplace tasks such as typing at a computer. However, it has been found that it actually helps improve productivity, rather than quenching it because of the improved mood and energy levels you experience

So, if you find that employees are looking a bit sluggish and drained, or they are complaining of lower back problems, then considering the many health benefits of a sit-stand desk may be the right decision to improve your employees’ overall health, happiness, and well-being while in the office.

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The Allure of an Interactive Workplace Design

The Allure of an Interactive Workplace Design

Do you want to know what is The Allure of an Interactive Workplace Design? Many workplace design trends are currently circulating, and these trends lend to improved employee engagement and increased productivity levels. Newer and more modern workplace design can mean a drastic difference in the way the work day goes and can change the way people work together.

Therefore, it is essential to know what your employees need and want, so you can ensure that they are performing at their best and have higher morale. The days of closed in and isolated cubicles are a thing of the past. Now we welcome a more collaborative and open workplace design for employee engagement and retention.

Why is Workplace Design Shifting?

Workplace design trends are evolving due to shifts in demographics, the increasing use of technology in the workplace, a shortage of talented and qualified employees, financial factors, and data from analyses that discovered how design affects their employees.

All of these factors came together to show us the need for a workplace design that can keep up with the employees and stay in line with the way business is growing and evolving.

Flexible and Focused Design:

The Allure of an Interactive Workplace DesignHaving a flexible and more focused workplace design allows the space to become easily adaptable for the employees. It also allows for room to improve when it comes to the constantly changing needs of the company or the needs of the next big project.

For a more interactive setting, having a comfortable and open place for employees to meet and discuss projects is a good way to encourage a social and team-based environment. Have furnishings that come together and work in the space and are easy to move around.

Activity-Based Design:

Having an activity-based design means that you are effectively creating a more collaborative environment that provides functional spaces for employees to gather. While you still maintain private office space and conference space, you are also providing an open and inviting space. Having a mix of all these will ensure that you have a functional and versatile space that works for everyone’s needs.

These designs are typically modular, just like the flexible design already mentioned. It is a way to have a multipurpose workstation that is easy to access and can be moved to any location that is desired. It can combine the conference room with the open and collaborative environment if needed.

Improve Movement:

Finally, when you come up with a more interactive workplace design, you are also finding ways to improve movement and ultimately improve the wellbeing of your employees. Sit-stand desks are great to include in a workplace because they encourage movement and physical activity. Movement can also encourage productivity, boost energy levels, and reduce stress.

Measuring Your Office Space Utilization

Measuring Your Office Space Utilization

Do you want to know what is Measuring Your Office Space Utilization? If the workplace is not adequately and appropriately utilized, then you may see rising costs and unforeseen expenses. You may find that you have space that is being wasted or you may not have enough space to do what you need to do. Either way, it can cause problems that can be easily avoided with the right workplace utilization metrics in place.

Find a More Efficient Use for Space:

You want to make sure that every available square foot of space in your office building is being utilized as much as possible. Doing so can help provide a more agile work environment that is more conducive to improved productivity.

When you walk through the office, what do you see? Are there vacant desks or unused office furniture or machines cluttering the space? If so, will removing them provide you with the opportunity to use the space for something more important?

Encourage Collaboration and Creativity:

WMeasuring Your Office Space Utilizationhen you have an office space that is utilized properly, then you will find improved collaboration among the employees and increased levels of creativity. Make sure you have comfortable and open areas the employees can gather to discuss new strategies or other work-related tasks.

Do you have a meeting room available for private gatherings or to provide a more isolated and quiet environment? Having these things all show that you are using your office space effectively so that it suits the needs of your employees.

Retain Employees:

Finally, if you have a space that is utilized to its fullest and provides a comfortable, balanced, and flowing work environment, then employees are more likely to stick around. A modern and comfortable aesthetic can encourage employees to be their best and perform at optimal levels.

Measuring Workplace Utilization:

Now that you understand the importance of proper workplace utilization, you need to know how to measure it.

To measure, you need to answer the following questions:

  • How often is each space in the office used and what percentage of the space is often occupied?
  • What are the times and days that these areas are being utilized the most?
  • Are there times when certain areas are not used at all during the week or the day?
  • Each desk should have an employee- how many empty desks do you currently have?
  • How often are your shared spaces being utilized? For example, conference rooms.

Answering these questions will give you a better idea about how each space in the office is used so you can come up with a plan to make these spaces more effective or eliminate these spaces to make room for more productive areas such as a seating area for clients or worktables for a more open and collaborative environment.

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