Ways That Your Office Can Profit From Professional Carpet Cleaning

Ways That Your Office Can Profit From Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many office buildings choose to go with ceramic tile or other flooring materials that are easier to keep clean than carpeting. However, some feature carpet, which feels more comfortable under the feet of their employees and patrons. This perk is not something that people think about on a regular basis, but it pays off in the long run. Standing on a hard surface for hours on end can wreak havoc on muscles and joints alike.

Regardless of why the organization put the carpeting down, over time, it can become dingy and dirty. After all, folks walk through a lot of different substances before entering the building. For instance, they can track mud, grass, and other debris onto the carpet from outside, which leave stains. Professional carpet cleaning can remove those blemishes and make the material look new again. So, contact a service company to take care of the issue before spending a substantial amount of money on replacing the carpeting.

Office Parties Can Cause Damage Too

Ways That Your Office Can Profit From Professional Carpet CleaningA lot of organizations throw parties in their offices to celebrate Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions. This is a plus as they don’t have to spend funds on renting a venue. In turn, the savings can be passed on to the employees via raises and bonuses. However, the beverages that are served at these functions can spill and leave spots. Additionally, food can drop on the floor and become smudged as well. Once again, professional carpet cleaning removes the impurities to give the carpeting a brand-new appearance.

Don’t Forget About Allergens

Research by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America revealed that allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illnesses in the United States each year. Carpeting acts much like a filter. It traps things like pet dander, dust, and pollen in the fibers. This action keeps them from floating through the air. Unfortunately, if regular vacuuming and deep cleaning doesn’t occur, the allergens get freed into the atmosphere. Air quality worsens, and people start to suffer from symptoms such as watery eyes and nasal congestion. So, if you have carpeting in your office, consider professional carpet cleaning to nip these kinds of issues in the bud.

Tips For Picking The Perfect Group Leader For Your Office Project

Tips For Picking The Perfect Group Leader For Your Office Project

On many occasions, employees find themselves having to be part of a cohesive team. The individual members must learn to communicate and collaborate with each other to achieve their goals. However, before anyone can start brainstorming or doing this and that, the office manager needs to figure out who the best candidates are for the task at hand. This selection process can be quite tiresome and tedious.

The leader is a vital position that often serves as the glue, which holds everything together. He or she can make or break the project. This person typically gets plenty of praise when things go right and a lot of criticism when they don’t. Therefore, it is vital to pick the right employee for the job. Read further to learn about some of the qualities that you should be looking for in a group leader.

Search For These Worker Characteristics

• A Neat And Tidy Workspace

 Tips For Picking The Perfect Group Leader For Your Office ProjectThe group leader of any assignment must be well organized. For one, upper management, investors, and other folks high up on the totem pole will likely view the project. The last thing the office manager or business owner wants is for the final presentation to be a sloppy, jumbled mess. Plus, if a person is not capable of keeping their own cubicle or desk organized, how can they be expected to assign duties to two, three, or more members and keep them on task.

• Maturity, Respect, And Courteousness

It is easy for a person to let the power go to their head after being appointed the leader. Hence, it is a good idea to watch for signs around the office that show the employee is mature enough to handle the responsibility. He or she should treat others with courtesy and respect but also be able to lay down the law when appropriate. They should be capable of providing useful criticism that doesn’t make the other members feel bad. The leader of the office project needs to be ready to hand out punishments when other members break the rules too. After all, if participants are walking all over the director and doing as they please, the group won’t achieve their goals.

• Basic Conflict Management Skills

Groups go through different stages as they progress. It is not uncommon for a conflict or argument to arise at some point. The office manager must appoint a leader that can resolve such dilemmas on their own. Every member has to learn to coexist with the others. The last thing the powers that be want to do is fix predicaments every time they turn around.

The Benefits Of Janitorial Services

The Benefits Of Janitorial Services

Do you want to know what are the Benefits Of Janitorial Services? Keeping an office building in a clean and pristine state is easier said than done. Not every business has the resources to employ a custodial staff. When this is the case, the responsibilities fall on the shoulders of the office manager and employees.

The additional duties take the workers away from their other job functions though. So, it is possible for dips in production to transpire when these people are scrubbing floors, cleaning the kitchen or break room, and completing other chores. Juggling too many tasks can lead to them missing phone calls, replying late to emails, and blowing project deadlines.

Therefore, one of the most significant benefits of janitorial services is having the staff members on hand to tend to their obligations. After all, the professionals were hired to take care of distinct jobs, which don’t usually involve cleaning up after everyone. If they are spending their time washing windows and taking out the trash, who is picking up the slack on the other end? The answer is typically no one, and in turn, the business suffers.

Keep Workers Happy With Professional Janitorial Services:

 The Benefits Of Janitorial ServicesEmployees can become disgruntled when too much is put on their plate, especially if they aren’t earning extra wages for the responsibilities that they weren’t hired to do in the first place.

The individuals may start missing work, showing up late, or wasting time while on the clock to stick it to the man. When the issue goes on for an extended period, the person may even look for another job elsewhere. So, protect your assets and don’t send them into the arms of competitors. Instead, assure everyone remains happy and stays put by utilizing janitorial services for your cleaning needs.

Janitorial Services Can Prevent Germs From Spreading:

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that adults have an average of 2 to 3 colds per year. People usually recover from a common cold in about 7 to 10 days. Symptoms often include…

• A Runny Nose
• Coughing
• Sneezing
• A Sore Throat
• Body Aches

This is only one type of ailment that can lead to employees missing work. It does not include flu outbreaks and other sicknesses that can result in more sick days being used. The germs and bacteria can travel throughout an office quickly.

A diligent handwashing routine can help to minimize the spread, but that alone is not always enough to prevent workers from catching the bug. So, business owners and office managers should think about employing professional janitorial services to counter illnesses and help their people remain healthy.

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Tactics For Office Managers To Get The Most Out Of Their Coworkers

Tactics For Office Managers To Get The Most Out Of Their Coworkers

There are not many better feelings than finally getting that long-awaited and overdue promotion. For one, becoming an office manager usually comes with a pay raise. Who can’t stand to receive a little more money on their paycheck each week? The title also brings new responsibilities along with it too though. If the individual is not prepared for the duties, they can crash and burn in the blink of an eye. Read further to learn about some useful tactics that can help you succeed in the endeavor. 

Office Manager Techniques To Keep Daily Operations Running At A High Level

• Build Relationships

 Tactics For Office Managers To Get The Most Out Of Their CoworkersIt can prove to be challenging to meet deadlines and get projects finished when everyone in the workplace is not on the best of terms. An office manager can change all of that by getting to know their coworkers. Nobody is saying that people have to become the best of friends outside of work, but the building of in-office professional relationships is critical. All employees need to put their best foot forward and keep the company’s best interests in mind. After all, the organization hired them to do a job and achieve goals. The easiest way to accomplish these feats is by working together as a cohesive unit.

• Don’t Show Favoritism

The office manager will likely have made some friends along the way before receiving his or her promotion. There is nothing wrong with this action, but it is of the utmost importance for the person not to show favoritism to the companions after advancing in the ranks. All of the coworkers need to be treated as equals to prevent conflicts from arising. For instance, one individual should not be given perks just because they are an acquaintance. Instead, do your best to disperse them fairly and according to company policy.

• Continue Learning And Trying To Be Better

Don’t get complacent and believe that you know it all after becoming an office manager. There are plenty of others that want the position, and these people will attempt to take away your power. Stay up to date on the latest technologies, pay attention during meetings, and challenge yourself to be the best leader that you can be. Not only will you help your own career, but in turn, you will also boost the employees by pushing them to be better, which will benefit the company as a whole.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service Provider

Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service Provider

Windows are vital for letting light into an establishment. The panes ensure sunlight can brighten the inside of the building, which prevents workers from being subjected to nothing but fluorescent lighting for hours on end. Having windows makes employees happy as they get to view the outside world instead of staring at the same cubicle walls every day. However, when the glass gets dirty and grimy, it can have the opposite effect and leave people feeling down in the dumps.

Aside from impacting employees, filthy windows can deter clients from doing business with the organization as well. After all, many people don’t want to head inside a building when it seems like ownership doesn’t care about its appearance. Rather, patrons will head to another establishment to purchase the goods or services that they need. With things like sales and profits at stake, a professional window cleaning service provider can prove to be well worth the investment. 

More Reasons To Employ A Window Cleaning Service Provider

• It Passes The Time-Consuming, Tedious Task On To Someone Else

Most people don’t like cleaning their windows at home. So, it is safe to say that they expect this duty to be out of bounds while at work. Who can blame them really? There is a lot of scrubbing and rubbing involved, which depending on how many windows there are, can leave the individual with an aching arm, back, or neck muscles. Plus, making sure that the panes are streak-free can be a long-drawn-out process for a person that doesn’t do the deed daily. Pass the buck to a professional window cleaning service provider so that you can take care of more pressing job-related activities at hand.

• There Is More To Window Cleaning Than Just Wiping Down The Glass

Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaning Service ProviderWhile the glass garners much of the attention, it is only one part of the equation when it comes to window cleaning. The last thing people want is for someone to visit their office only to view crystal-clear panes with grimy ledges or sills. These parts are quickly forgotten about when the person wiping things down doesn’t want to be attempting the chore in the first place. Office managers can rest assured that a professional window cleaning service provider will do things right every time and leave all of the pieces in tip-top shape.

Germs Can Run Amuck In A Dirty Office

Germs Can Run Amuck In A Dirty Office

A lot of companies fear flu season. The powers that be know that at one point or another during the period, employees are going to miss work. The number of people that get the bug varies from cycle to cycle. However, research from Harvard Health shows that more than 200,000 recipients get hospitalized for the illness in the United States each year. It also states that 36,000 people die annually from the ailment. Flu symptoms include but are not limited to…

• Fever And Chills
• Body Or Muscle Aches
• Cough And Sore Throat
• Runny/Stuffy Nose
• Extreme Fatigue

Because loss of life is a possibility though, employees and employers must avoid looking at the flu as just a bad cold. It is a good idea for all workers to get a flu shot to combat the sickness. Company owners should think about introducing a program that offers the remedy for free. After all, not every worker can afford health insurance nor do they have the means to get the treatment. The action can prove to be beneficial in the long run as the agents won’t miss work from the ailment and cause productivity to dwindle.

Office Cleaning Services Can Help Too

Germs Can Run Amuck In A Dirty OfficeAside from flu outbreaks, other germs always seem to be lurking about and traveling through the ranks. The pathogens can leave employees with common colds, stomach bugs, strep throat, and more. They can be passed along via an infected person sneezing, talking on a telephone, or even touching a doorknob. While there is no sure-fire way to stop all of the ailments in their tracks, office cleaning services can prove to be an excellent first line of defense.

Allowing old food to accumulate in trash cans is a big no-no as it gives bacteria a place to grow and thrive. Letting dirty dishes pile up in the kitchen area is asking for trouble as well. Messy sinks and toilets in the restrooms are problematic places too. Getting an employee to take care of the janitorial duties takes them away from their other obligations.

Plus, the individual may not sanitize the areas appropriately, which means germs can still be running amuck afterward. Don’t leave anything to chance with the health and well-being of everyone at stake. Instead, utilize our professional office cleaning services to ensure that things are done right. With any luck, the action will assure that you and your employees stay healthy by keeping the illness sources at bay.

Best Practices For Keeping A Workplace Operating Smoothly

Best Practices For Keeping A Workplace Operating Smoothly

There are all sorts of businesses in the United States. Some organizations sell goods while others offer services. Regardless of what it is that the company does, the management team must have set policies to ensure that things go according to plan. Not all of the strategies are alike, and what works well for one place might not do the same for the next. So, there are likely to be plenty of trial and error instances. Doing nothing will be a recipe for disaster with consequences such as…

• Losing Contracts
• Declining Sales
• Not Attracting Top-Tier Talent
• The Company Shutting Its Doors For Good

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for office managers to think outside of the box to keep the operation running smoothly. Today’s workplaces are more fast-paced and complex than ever before. So, organizations have to adapt accordingly to stay at the top of the food chain. Continue reading to learn about some best practices that can prove to be beneficial for all companies. 

Worthwhile Strategies For Any Workplace

• Train More Than One Employee For A Particular Job

Putting too much on the shoulder’s of a single worker is a problem for the person in itself. They can become stressed out and overwhelmed by the workload, which can lead to illnesses and the person having to take days off from the office. Employee health and well-being should always be a primary topic of concern for the business. However, other problems can arise from others not being trained to do the job too.

If nobody is familiar with the tasks, everything in that department will come to a screeching halt when the professional takes a vacation or a personal day. Putting an untrained person in the position and expecting them to fill the person’s shoes is like throwing them to the wolves. In turn, they will seek opportunities elsewhere, and word will quickly begin to spread about the office manager’s antics. Earning a bad reputation won’t do the human resources department any favors as it will become difficult to find high-quality candidates for the company’s positions.

• Have A Clearly Defined Anti-Harassment Policy

 Best Practices For Keeping A Workplace Operating SmoothlyHarassment can come in a variety of different ways, shapes, and sizes, but none of them are appropriate workplace behaviors. Therefore, it is critical to have a strict no-tolerance policy in place. Just having the document is not enough though. The office manager must also adhere to the rules themselves as well as enforce them with other employees. Leaving things to chance is not much of a plan and opens the door for lawsuits.

Everyone deserves to have a safe, professional workplace environment. So, add best practices like these to your routine and give them what they want. After all, happy employees equal a pleasant facility, which makes the office manager’s life easier.

3 Skills Every Office Manager Needs To Hone

3 Skills Every Office Manager Needs To Hone

Being an effective leader is no easy task, and it can be both challenging and tricky. However, assisting and guiding the actions of other employees can also feel satisfying and rewarding for an office manager. The sky is the limit for the company’s productivity and profitability when everyone is on the same page. In turn, if all of the cogs are turning like a well-oiled machine, the supervisor and workers will prosper in seeing pay raises, bonuses, and more.

Of course, things can go in the opposite direction too. If an office manager fails to keep the employees motivated, things will get out of control in a hurry. It is likely that the artisans will spend more time horsing around than doing the jobs that they get paid to do. When folks are spending a little too much time around the water cooler cracking jokes, tasks don’t get done, and instead of seeing pay raises, workers can become disciplined. It is even possible for the punishment to be harsh with the office manager and employees receiving pink slips. Read further to learn about skills that you should develop to keep incidents like these at bay. 

Without Further Delay, Abilities Every Office Manager Needs To Sharpen

• Active Listening

It is easy for words to go in one ear and out the other in today’s fast-paced workplace. After all, projects are continually moving forward, and problems are constantly arising. Active listening can assist the leader in discovering the underlying meanings within employee statements. It is also useful in identifying a person’s tone or mood. In many cases, by hearing these aspects, the office manager can smooth over critical situations and prevent conflicts from happening.

• Communication Skills

 3 Skills Every Office Manager Needs To HoneRegardless of what industry a person is in, they will need to communicate with other people at some point, both in written form and verbally. The office manager must be able to do so effectively whether the individuals they are corresponding with are patrons or employees. Plus, managers should hone these skills as they will have to use them while performing other necessary duties. Getting frazzled is entirely out of the question as leaders must always be on top of their game. They need to remain professional, courteous, and respectful while getting their point across.


• Organizational Skills

Things can get out of control in the blink of an eye when the office manager is unorganized. Active listening and communication skills will only get a person so far, especially if the workplace is continuously in a chaotic state. Failing to get organized equals bad news for everyone. Mistakes become made, deadlines are missed, and appointments have to be rescheduled. So, do the company a favor and start learning how to juggle all of your vital tasks today.

Workplace Insight for the Office Manager

Workplace Insight for the Office Manager

Whether you are a veteran or are new to office management, you may still find that you often search for the advice and expertise from others in your field. To be a great office manager, it is important to have insight into every possible aspect of the company you are working for. This includes knowing information about your colleagues, learning about the culture of the company, and even the office emergency plan.

The following are a few ways you can gain a bit more insight into the office, so you can excel at what you do and find areas you can improve upon:

Do You Know Your Office?

When you are an office manager, your responsibility lies in the entire office and the day to day operations. Therefore, you need to develop a strong knowledge of the layout of the office and understand how things should and shouldn’t be done.

It is up to you to notice the smaller things that may be easily overlooked by someone else. Are deadlines being met? Are the shared facilities within the office such as the washrooms and breakrooms being cleaned on a regular basis? These are all things you need to stay on top of.

What can you do? Dedicate some time at the beginning of each day to walk around the office and take note of things that need to be done and things that have been done well. Don’t let yourself get bogged down by paperwork or phone calls. Gaining insight from this perspective as an office manager is important.

Great Communication

Workplace Insight for the Office ManagerCommunication is key in an office environment, and this is of significant importance for an office manager. You want to stay on the same page as your coworkers and make it an environment in which they can express their concerns or questions freely.

It needs to be an accessible and safe environment for everyone and to do this you need to set aside the time to talk to the employees and discuss any issues that may need problem-solving or improvements.

You should also remember to praise them for a job well done when they meet and exceed your expectations. Being able to have this open communication as an office manager is vital to your position, and this insight can be passed onto the higher-ups in the company, so decisions and changes can be made when needed.

Build Relationships

Finally, having this kind of workplace insight can help create better relationships between yourself and the employees, and it gives you the tools you need to get the job done the right way.

When the company sees that you can make decisions and handle the office, you are effectively building trust and showing that you have the insight you need to be successful.

What is Best- An Auto Scrubber or a Mop Bucket?

What is Best- An Auto Scrubber or a Mop Bucket?

When it comes to the cleanliness of an office environment, many people will just leave it up to the company they hire to come in and clean and they rarely ever stop and really consider what would be best. When it comes to a common workplace janitorial debate, we are seeing both sides to the different cleaning methods, and we are trying to find out which is best.
This is the fight between the auto scrubber and the mop bucket.

When you hire a cleaning company to come in and clean the office, depending on the square footage they have to cover, it could take hours to make sure every inch of the space is clean and ready to go. With that being said, sometimes it means having to find better and more efficient and faster ways of doing things, and this is where the fight starts.

The Auto Scrubber

What is Best- An Auto Scrubber or a Mop Bucket?An auto scrubber is a machine commonly used in office spaces because when it is used, there are many advantages including:

• The floors dry relatively quickly which can drastically cut down on the risk of slip and falls within the workplace
• It provides powerful and even floor scrubbing for optimal cleanliness
• Increases cleaning productivity and shortens cleaning duration
• The water remains clean, and there is no risk of cross contamination

The Classic Mop and Bucket

Then we come to an old classic- the mop and bucket. These two tools are a timeless pair and have proven time and time again to be versatile. They can reach small and harder to reach areas that a floor scrubber couldn’t reach such as under desks, behind the toilets, and can even clean the walls.

Additionally, you can find the following advantages as well:

• You do not need an electrical outlet or any other power source. All you need is a little muscle power
• A mop and bucket take up minimal space when stored and can be whipped out quickly in an emergency
• They are very affordable

What’s the Verdict?

If you have a lot of space to cover and little time to do so, then an auto scrubber is a great tool to have at your disposal. However, it is also a good idea to have access to a mop and bucket for those quick cleanups in between the times the cleaning company comes in for a deeper cleaning. Therefore, in our book, both are must-have essentials for any office environment.