Strengthening Company Culture in the Workplace

Strengthening Company Culture in the Workplace

As an office manager, you are faced with many tasks throughout the day. However, there is one task that can often become overlooked in the hustle and bustle of priority lists, office management, and cleanliness; and that is strengthening a company culture in the workplace.

What is a Company Culture?

There are many kinds of company culture in a workplace. The one we are going to focus in on, however, is the culture of the organization and the overall behavior of people within a specific organization and how people begin to attach themselves to certain behaviors.

Company VisionStrengthening Company Culture in the Workplace

The vision of the company alongside its values, morals, beliefs, and habits are what create the working environment you have come to know. The company culture has probably been well-established over the years with a slight change in the way the vision and values are perceived as the company grows and evolves.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture of a company has a lot of bearing on the way the employees dress, act, perform their jobs, and maintain their workspace. When trying to understand organizational culture, you need to take a closer look at the overall attention to detail and the orientation of the team and the outcome.

The office environment should be a welcoming place to work, results-oriented, and provide a great opportunity for people to learn and to grow. If you are able to establish these lofty standards in the workspace, then that confidence and success can overflow into other aspects of the job including how people are engaging and communicating and how clean, presentable, and maintained the office and its staff is.

If you find that you are in need of organizational culture to help improve the overall image of the company and you want your staff and the office to reflect all the positive attributes the company possesses, then organization, leadership, and coaching are needed.

Strengthening company culture in the workplace can help improve morale and boost productivity as well. But first, you will need to start with a clean canvas on which to build. If you find that you are too busy managing these aspects of the job, then you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company to take care of some of the dirty work for you.

By doing so, you can shift the focus and attention to the behavior and work ethic of the employees to improve and strengthen the workplace.

Running a Productive Office Environment

Running a Productive Office Environment

To garner and boost productivity to create a successful office environment, there are several things you can do as an office manager to accomplish this goal. The following are just a few simple and very effective ways you can help increase and improve productivity while at work:

Who Made the Coffee?

Sitting at a desk all day can seem daunting and arduous and sometimes a pick me up is needed to wake up the senses and motivate people to do what they need to do. Having fresh coffee available in the office for the employees is a great way to lift their mood, give them a much-needed burst of energy, and allow them to take a break and unwind.

Two Minute RuleRunning a Productive Office Environment

This widely practiced rule is simple. If you are faced with a long list of things to do at work, go down the list and identify the tasks you know you can complete in two minutes or less. If you can do these smaller tasks immediately, you will find that your considerable list is much smaller and while it may not have been much; the work will look more manageable and get you motivated to cross more off.

Escape the Image of Perfection

When you try to always be perfect, there is certain pressure that is being placed on your shoulders that can actually hinder you from being as productive as you can be while at work. Instead of aiming for perfection, you should instead complete what you have to do to the best of your ability and then move on to the next task. Use this time to improve and learn new ways to become more efficient.

Be More Proactive

Also, do not let meetings, phone calls, or emails dictate how your entire day is going to go. If you center on these tasks, then you may find that they are all you are able to get done throughout the day because you are constantly fixated on them.

Instead, take a few minutes at the start of each day and plan out how your day should go. Prioritize each task you have and then tackle the to-do list with energy and confidence and you will find that you will have a much more productive day.

Take the time to drink that cup of coffee, combat a lengthy list with a simplified list, let go of perfection, and focus on being proactive, and you will find that you can begin to run a much more productive office environment.

Office Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Office Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

When you are in charge of overseeing the day to day operations of a business as well as the employees within the office space, you may find that it is sometimes difficult to accomplish everything you need to accomplish.

This is where the right office management tools can come into focus and make your life in the office much easier to handle.

Google Docs

Do you find that you constantly have to send documents back and forth throughout the day? Google Docs is a great office management tool to use for file sharing.

It utilizes a cloud storage system, and you can send a file to other employees and invite them to collaborate on the document, and you can even see what they are doing with it in real time.

It helps improve productivity and encourages idea sharing and collaboration.

EvernoteOffice Management Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Evernote offers an easier way to take notes, pictures, or even save websites in one convenient place. Easily accessible from a smartphone or tablet, Evernote is always ready and waiting at your fingertips and will help you get more organized.


If you are looking for a project management app to make life a bit easier, then Taskworld is a smart choice. It places emphasis on workflow and teamwork rather than just focusing on the tasks and goals.

It is an effective way to communicate with members of the team, and it also allows you to store documents you may need and evaluate work performance in real time.

Office management can be a difficult and arduous job if you are not given the proper tools to lead you to success. Finding different office management tools to help make your life easier is just one step in the right direction and can put you on the path to becoming more motivated and even more productive while at work while also encouraging your team to participate.

Creating a Cleaner Office Image

Creating a Cleaner Office Image

The office manager, employees, and other staff are not the only thing people will notice about a business. Several other aspects should be kept in order as well to help effectively create a cleaner office image for the staff as well as the company.

While some businesses may not feel that office cleanliness should be treated as a high priority, it actually should be up high on the list. The professional image we convey is what the clients will see when they walk into the office.

Proper Attire

When creating and maintaining a professional image, it is crucial for the office manager to ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately and are putting their best foot forward when meeting and engaging with clients.

The right attire in combination with a winning attitude can be a successful recipe for retaining clients and growing a business. A company and personal image are created by the way a person dresses, behaves, and talks and how the environment appears.

Always dress appropriately for the occasion and maintain a professional focus while in the office environment.

Clean Workspace = Professional Atmosphere

A clean and organized workspace is also important when you are working on creating a cleaner office image. You want to avoid overflowing trash cans, cluttered desks, and messy floors and surfaces. If the client sees a mess, they will most likely not want to continue to do business with the company because they don’t even care enough to make sure that the office is orderly and presentable.

If you find that there is simply not enough time in the day to successfully complete all the administrative tasks, then the company should definitely consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and take over, so the office manager and staff can maintain focus on the business.

Stay Organizedcreating-a-cleaner-office-image

Additionally, one surefire way to create a clean image and running a smooth operation is by staying organized. Remove clutter and distractions, prioritize the daily and weekly tasks, and make sure that everyone is doing their jobs correctly. As an office manager, you will want to make sure that everything is being done in accordance with the company image.

A Few Time Saving Tips for an Office Manager to Adopt

A Few Time Saving Tips for an Office Manager to Adopt

Office managers days are filled to the brim with tasks and employees that need to be overseen and communicated with. There is very little wiggle room when it comes to their schedules if they want to get everything done by the end of the day. This is where a few time-saving tips can really come in handy for the busy office manager.

Schedule in Advance

If you are able to set aside a small chunk of time at the beginning of the week to sit down and schedule everything, it could save you some time in the long run and the grand scheme of things.

Schedule the entire week in advance and prioritize the tasks on your list to ensure that you get everything done in a timely manner and before it is due.

Scheduling in advance is also a viable way to begin to form connections between your daily and weekly tasks so you can get a better grasp on the ultimate goal you are trying to reach by the end of the work week.

Task Management Software

If you wish to avoid burying yourself under mountains of paperwork and want a faster and simpler way to access the information you need, then you should consider investing in some task management software.

Having this type of software will free the time you would have otherwise spent searching through paperwork and instead allows you to dedicate more time to other more pressing tasks on your to-do list.

Eliminate All DistractionsA Few Time Saving Tips for an Office Manager to Adopt

One of the biggest tips you should know as an office manager is eliminating all of your distractions. To do so, you need to eliminate anything that is taking up too much of your time and holding you back from being as productive as you want to be.

Do you need to schedule some more time to train employees? Do you need to hand tasks off to a different and maybe more qualified person to free some more time up?

Once you eliminate these minor distractions, you will begin to see the minutes all pile back up.

If finding better ways to manage your time is the most significant challenge you currently face as an office manager, then follow these straightforward and simple tricks to help you get back the time you need to focus on the bigger picture.

A Few Solid Reasons as to Why a Clean Workplace is Important

A Few Solid Reasons as to Why a Clean Workplace is Important

Maintaining a clean and orderly work environment is essential for several reasons. The biggest of these reasons, however, center on ensuring the safety and health of your employees.

The following are a few solid reasons as to why a clean workplace is important:

Lasting First Impressions – Janitorial Services

Before we begin to discuss the internal reasoning as to why we need to maintain a clean workplace, we will first examine the first impressions people will receive when walking into the office.

If the space is cluttered, dusty, and disorganized, then people may not want to do business with you. Simply put, the way you manage and maintain the office speaks volume for the kind of work you do.

If you have a clean and appealing space, then people will be more apt to do business with you because they can see you care and take pride in what you do.

On the other side of the coin, it is also important when it comes to maintaining employees as well. People will not want to work in a place that does not promote cleanliness and organization.

Improve the Health of the Employees

A clean workspace promotes the improvement in health for all employees. When the office is clean and sanitary, there is less dust circulating which means improved air quality and less sickness.

Making sure that cleaning tasks are performed daily by staff or a janitorial company are essential. A good cleaning schedule is also encouraged to keep on top of what is being done and what still needs to be done around the space to improve on its overall cleanliness.

Improved SafetyWhy a Clean Workplace is Important - Janitorial Services

Finally, a clean workplace is essential to workplace safety. If there are obstructions on the floor or slippery substances, the chances of a slip and fall are far above what they should be.

Keeping the floor clear of clutter and properly cleaned and polished are important not only for the aesthetics of the office but also for maintaining the safety of employees.

Regular dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces are also effective ways to eliminate airborne pollution, improve the overall air quality, and help eliminate the spread of illness throughout the office.

A sanitized and organized office creates a happier and more productive environment with fewer employees calling out due to sickness.

A Day in the Life of an Office Manager

A Day in the Life of an Office Manager

Office managers are tasked with many responsibilities, and they typically fall across the board of several different areas including administrative duties, financial duties, and managerial duties.

With so many duties to perform, an office manager also has to display several characteristics that will show the motivation and leadership they need to be successful.

Here are just a few things you can expect over a day in the life of an office manager:

Administrative Tasks

Office managers are typically in charge of filing, planning, and implementing different office systems within the workplace. They are also tasked with the job of finding areas in which they can improve productivity and better manage work schedules and performance.

Financial TasksA Day in the Life of an Office Manager

Sometimes an office manager will also have to pay attention to expenses and monitor, track, and record these expenses. Often, they will also be presented with a budget that they must adhere to.

Managerial Tasks

Depending on the size of the workplace, they will also have to oversee employees, evaluate performance, assign tasks, improve procedures and protocol, train, and develop. They are also in charge of ensuring that the workplace retains smooth operations which also includes overseeing the janitorial team.

Characteristics of a Strong Office Manager

To be a good office manager, you should possess several of these characteristics:

 Work with discretion
 Adapt to your surroundings
 Be able to communicate
 Pay close attention to detail
 Adhere to a schedule
 Effectively manage time
 Develop good problem-solving skills

Throughout the day, office managers are faced with obstacles and challenges that they must overcome; even when it veers off their scheduled task list. A good office manager will be able to adapt and still show signs of continued growth, leadership, and the desire to motivate employees, and help grow a successful business.

5 Ways to Stand Out as an Office Manager

5 Ways to Stand Out as an Office Manager

AN effective and smart office manager is capable of managing employees and coordinating tasks and other administrative duties with confidence and ease. By doing so, they are making sure that everyone is running smoothly and efficiently.

What can you do, though, as an office manager to really stand out? The following are five things you can do to set yourself apart from the rest:

Organization is Key

A good office manager will make sure that everything is maintained and organized which ensures that they are keeping everything under control. By developing your own organizational system and using resources and tools, you can help improve the office workflow and get more accomplished.

Employee Engagement

A stellar office manager will also spend time with the employees and be up to date on all the specific details they may need to know. Keeping track of birthdays and other small information like this will show that you care about the employees you oversee and will make you stand out from the rest.

Be as Efficient as Possible

Efficiency is a key attribute you must have as a successful office manager. Make it look easy and uncomplicated to run the operation, show that you can do it almost effortlessly, and find new ways to be resourceful and savvy and you are well on your way to standing up and promoting yourself as credible, reliable, and experienced.

Never Stop Learning

Office managers should take every opportunity to learn something new or update old information they may have to make sure they are doing everything they possibly can to ensure that operations are running smoothly. Develop knowledge about the industry you are in and continue to build on that knowledge.

Cultivate Culture5 Ways to Stand Out as an Office Manager

Finally, to stand out as an office manager, it is important that you take the time to cultivate culture in the workplace. Make sure that the satisfaction level of the employees is high, ensure that engagement is always on the rise, and provide different opportunities to praise them for a job well done and use their strengths in their favor.

Standing out as an office manager is as easy as knowing how to efficiently run the office while setting aside the time to get to know the employees. Provide positive and constructive feedback and reward and praise them when they are successful.

Workplace Trends in 2018

Workplace Trends in 2018

If you are someone that loves to stay on top of organization and loves to hear about things that may impact the way things are done in the workplace, then you might find the newest workplace trends for 2018 interesting.

Currently, the economy is beginning to boom, and with this rise, we see a rise and impact on the way executives, managers, and other employees are handling certain office resources.

Finding Leaders that Offer Encouragement

Among the top workplace trends in 2018, we see the rise of leaders that choose to offer encouragement. By doing so, they are positively and effectively improving interpersonal relationships within the workplace, improving communication, and fostering idea sharing and a higher level of collaboration among employees.

Workplace Trends in 2018Offering Credentials and Training

With new waves of employees and booming industries, we are finding that more and more companies are having their managers instill more training and more companies are offering certifications and credentials to new and existing employees. This allows for a more diverse workplace and makes sure that the people with the skills needed are being utilized properly.
Additionally, offering more in the way of training and development for current employees can help save a company money, and they will have the right people in the right positions to help the company grow.

Improved Technology and Tools

Additionally, we may also see a rise in the improvement of tools and technology that can be used in the workplace. From new devices and services, we are finding new and improved ways of reaching customers, improving communication amongst employees, and finding better ways to organize certain management tasks within the workplace.
For example, virtual assistants that can assist with day to day tasks.

Creating New Workplace Culture

Finally, we will see an improvement in the way certain issues are handled within the workplace. Through additional training programs and the implementation of zero-tolerance policies, we are creating a trend that is positively slated in the right direction and in a direction that fosters improved communication and better relationships within the workplace environment.
As we propel forward into 2018, as office managers we need to focus more on the human side of leadership and find new and innovative ways to communicate with our team and improve not only productivity in the workplace but also employee morale.

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the Workplace

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the Workplace

When it comes to maintaining a clean and orderly office and workplace, some tasks may easily be overlooked because of the day to day hustle and bustle and all the other tasks that may have been prioritized.

Yes, cleaning and organizing is most often seen as a chore and is pushed to the side, but it is important that even the smallest tasks are done to ensure efficiency and even safety within the workplace.

Up High

Many times, when we are cleaning, it is easy to overlook the higher places in the office that may be out of our line of vision. Perhaps the top of shelves or desks, doorframes, or even dust collecting on light fixtures.

However, when these things are overlooked, and the dust begins to cake up, it can potentially affect other aspects of the environment. Too much dust in the air will negatively affect the air quality of the office and dust collecting on light fixtures can seriously diminish the adequate lighting you would otherwise have to work with.

Down Low

In the same respect, we may also miss areas in the workplace that are down low or require us to get down or bend. Underneath appliances in common areas like the break room or other areas of the floor may be overlooked and when this happens, it may cause a safety hazard.

For example, a dirty or slippery floor can cause a slip and fall accident.

Inadequate Cleaning Supplies

The janitorial closet may also be a frequently passed up and overlooked area in the office. It is important to make sure that you have access to cleaning essentials just in case a situation should arise.

You should also make sure that the cleaning supplies are clean and organized.

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the WorkplaceElectronics

Many office environments utilize a number of different electronic equipment. From phones and copiers to computers, tablets, and printers and so much more. How often do you think these items are wiped down and cleaned?

When this is overlooked, germs can spread through an enclosed space like wildfire. The same goes for doorknobs and light switches. While they may not seem important, it is essential that these get wiped down and sanitized to help prevent the spread of illness throughout the workplace.

If you find that you just don’t have the time to adequately clean and maintain the office, then it may be time to look into possibly outsourcing this task so that you can focus more on your day to day tasks and less on cleaning.