Workplace Trends in 2018

Workplace Trends in 2018

If you are someone that loves to stay on top of organization and loves to hear about things that may impact the way things are done in the workplace, then you might find the newest workplace trends for 2018 interesting.

Currently, the economy is beginning to boom, and with this rise, we see a rise and impact on the way executives, managers, and other employees are handling certain office resources.

Finding Leaders that Offer Encouragement

Among the top workplace trends in 2018, we see the rise of leaders that choose to offer encouragement. By doing so, they are positively and effectively improving interpersonal relationships within the workplace, improving communication, and fostering idea sharing and a higher level of collaboration among employees.

Workplace Trends in 2018Offering Credentials and Training

With new waves of employees and booming industries, we are finding that more and more companies are having their managers instill more training and more companies are offering certifications and credentials to new and existing employees. This allows for a more diverse workplace and makes sure that the people with the skills needed are being utilized properly.
Additionally, offering more in the way of training and development for current employees can help save a company money, and they will have the right people in the right positions to help the company grow.

Improved Technology and Tools

Additionally, we may also see a rise in the improvement of tools and technology that can be used in the workplace. From new devices and services, we are finding new and improved ways of reaching customers, improving communication amongst employees, and finding better ways to organize certain management tasks within the workplace.
For example, virtual assistants that can assist with day to day tasks.

Creating New Workplace Culture

Finally, we will see an improvement in the way certain issues are handled within the workplace. Through additional training programs and the implementation of zero-tolerance policies, we are creating a trend that is positively slated in the right direction and in a direction that fosters improved communication and better relationships within the workplace environment.
As we propel forward into 2018, as office managers we need to focus more on the human side of leadership and find new and innovative ways to communicate with our team and improve not only productivity in the workplace but also employee morale.

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the Workplace

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the Workplace

When it comes to maintaining a clean and orderly office and workplace, some tasks may easily be overlooked because of the day to day hustle and bustle and all the other tasks that may have been prioritized.

Yes, cleaning and organizing is most often seen as a chore and is pushed to the side, but it is important that even the smallest tasks are done to ensure efficiency and even safety within the workplace.

Up High

Many times, when we are cleaning, it is easy to overlook the higher places in the office that may be out of our line of vision. Perhaps the top of shelves or desks, doorframes, or even dust collecting on light fixtures.

However, when these things are overlooked, and the dust begins to cake up, it can potentially affect other aspects of the environment. Too much dust in the air will negatively affect the air quality of the office and dust collecting on light fixtures can seriously diminish the adequate lighting you would otherwise have to work with.

Down Low

In the same respect, we may also miss areas in the workplace that are down low or require us to get down or bend. Underneath appliances in common areas like the break room or other areas of the floor may be overlooked and when this happens, it may cause a safety hazard.

For example, a dirty or slippery floor can cause a slip and fall accident.

Inadequate Cleaning Supplies

The janitorial closet may also be a frequently passed up and overlooked area in the office. It is important to make sure that you have access to cleaning essentials just in case a situation should arise.

You should also make sure that the cleaning supplies are clean and organized.

Some Commonly Overlooked Janitorial Tasks in the WorkplaceElectronics

Many office environments utilize a number of different electronic equipment. From phones and copiers to computers, tablets, and printers and so much more. How often do you think these items are wiped down and cleaned?

When this is overlooked, germs can spread through an enclosed space like wildfire. The same goes for doorknobs and light switches. While they may not seem important, it is essential that these get wiped down and sanitized to help prevent the spread of illness throughout the workplace.

If you find that you just don’t have the time to adequately clean and maintain the office, then it may be time to look into possibly outsourcing this task so that you can focus more on your day to day tasks and less on cleaning.

How to Improve Engagement in the Office

How to Improve Engagement in the Office

If you are looking for new ways to improve engagement in the office, but are unsure of where to start, then you have come to the right place. As an office manager, you are probably already well aware of the obstacles you face when it comes to communicating with employees and making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

So, what can you do as a leader to help increase employee engagement in the office?

Make Sure Everyone Has the Right Tools

If no one in the workplace is given the proper tools they need to do their jobs; then, of course, you are going to see higher instances of failure, rather than success.

If you want to make sure that things are getting done, make sure that everyone has everything they need. For example, does everyone that need them have access to the passwords or other credentials they may need for programs?

Don’t Let Anyone Fall Behind

How to Improve Engagement in the OfficeWhen you are in charge of overseeing a sizable number of people each day, it may be easy to let a few fall through the cracks. As an office manager, you want to strive to make sure that everyone gets the individual attention they will need to be successful.

This will not only boost productivity and harbor improved communication, but it will also boost engagement and encourage idea sharing and collaboration.

Listen and Train Employees

Being able to stop and listen to employees is also another way to improve engagement because they will be more willing to go to someone that will take the time to hear them out. It will also go further to show that what they say matters.

By doing so, you are creating an engaging environment that encourages this type of positive communication, and this will ensure that things will begin to run a bit more smoothly for everyone.

The more engaged everyone feels in the workplace, the more success you will find at the end of the day. If the employees do not care enough about what they do and are not willing to grow, it creates a hostile and negative environment that is not good for business and will eventually lead to the demise and disorganization of the workplace.

Issues that at one time could have been avoided will now become prevalent and threaten to tarnish all the work you had been doing up until this point.

Employee engagement is your key to a successful business and a smooth-running day to day operation.

How to Create a Productive Workplace Environment

How to Create a Productive Workplace Environment

As an office manager, one of your biggest responsibilities is ensuring that everything is running smoothly, and the workplace environment is productive. One of the biggest factors to consider when creating a productive workspace environment is the overall comfort of the employees.

When several people are working in one workspace, things tend to get cluttered, and distractions are plenty. To avoid these production killers, you will want to find ways to improve the overall functional space of the workplace and encourage productivity and efficiency.

The following are just a few ways to accomplish this as an office manager:

How to Create a Productive Workplace Environment

Utilize the Best Furniture


If your job requires you to sit at a desk, then it is important that your office space is utilizing proper chairs and desks to ensure everyone’s comfort. For example, when sitting in a chair for an extended amount of time, you will want to have armrests so that your shoulders can remain relaxed.

Also, make sure that the desk is the proper height and adjust the chair accordingly.


Shed Some Light on the Matter


If you have poor lighting, this can seriously impact the overall productivity levels and efficiency of your workplace environment. Windows that provide ample natural light are great for boosting one’s mood.

Proper lighting at each desk is also important to help with reading and other tasks that must be regularly performed.


Organization is Key


Cleanliness, order, and organization are also keys that may lead to success in the office. A cluttered desk can make it hard to work or difficult to find what you need when you need it.

Clear your desk of all the unnecessary items and organize what you use on a daily basis and keep it close and within your reach.

Make sure the trash receptacles are empty and not overflowing, and the floor and other common areas are clean, sanitary, and clutter free to improve everyone’s mood and promote productivity.

Following all these tips in the workplace are the first positive steps towards a happier and more productive environment that is conducive to success and high morale.